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Barber: Diane Philips - Owner

Diane Phillips, graduated from Miller Barber College, 35 years later. She's had the pleasure of cutting a 1 month old baby boy, to giving a distinguished gentleman of 101yrs old his last haircut . She had a dream of running my own shop since she began in 1983. The Barbershop At Fairhaven, began March 7, 2000. Starting with 2 antique Emil Paidar barber chairs and grew into 4 chairs. In sharing her experience with others, it has help her perfect her skills and grow as an individual. Her time with clients have transformed her life, in sharing their Music, Travel, Families, Careers, Jokes, Knowledge, Strength, Hopes and Dreams. Feeling enriched everyday she comes to The Barbershop At Fairhaven. She will tell you...hanging her shingle in Fairhaven is the best decision she ever made! Thank you good citizens of this community for the support. And to Ken Imus for giving Diane that chance...RIP 1926-2017

Barber: Jaycob B. Johnson

Jaycob "Jake" Johnson is a Barber from Bellingham\Lummi, WA. Fresh to the Barber world having welded his clipper & comb for nearly two years. He learned from the Best! He attended cosmetology school in Bellingham. He loves the Classic Barber Culture. The connection that the Barbershop has with the patrons, towns and cities they reside in. Jake remembers his childhood trips to the Barbershop. He's determined to keep this culture alive.

Barber: Aminah Mansoor

Aminah Mansoor is a Passionate Barber/Stylist. She graduated from Tony and Guy in 2012, she has been perfecting her techniques since then. She prides herself for attaining advanced skills in both barbering and cosmetology offering quality and style to every Haircut and Service. She loves performing a relaxing hot lather facial and head shaves in a 1929 antique barber chair. She also provides waxing services which include ears, nose and eyebrows. Aminah has a great sense of pride in her barbering skills and loves being able to help people look great and feel great!

Her modo is ..."If you aren't happy, I'm not happy!"

That's how it should be.

Barber: Edward Garcia

The Barber Dogs

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