1010 HARRIS AVE, #103
Bellingham, WA 98225
Barber: Diane Philips - Owner
Diane Phillips, graduated from Miller Barber College, 35 years later. She's had the pleasure of cutting a 1 month old baby boy, to giving a distinguished gentleman of 101yrs old his last haircut . She had a dream of running my own shop since she began in 1983. The Barbershop At Fairhaven, began March 7, 2000. Starting with 2 antique Emil Paidar barber chairs and grew into 4 chairs. In sharing her experience with others, it has help her perfect her skills and grow as an individual. Her time with clients have transformed her life, in sharing their Music, Travel, Families, Careers, Jokes, Knowledge, Strength, Hopes and Dreams. Feeling enriched everyday she comes to The Barbershop At Fairhaven. She will tell you...hanging her shingle in Fairhaven is the best decision she ever made! Thank you good citizens of this community for the support. And to Ken Imus for giving Diane that chance...RIP 1926-2017
Barber: Andrew Leese
Barber Returns to Shop after 10yrs...

Andrew Leese, a native of Whidbey Island, moved to Bellingham in 2002 to attend Western Washington University, and began working at the Barbershop at Fairhaven that very year. After graduating in 2006 he continued to cut hair until 2009, at which point he committed to pursuing a longtime dream that he had fostered.

In April, 2009, he began a round-the-world bicycle expedition with his little brother that would encompass over thirty countries. He was on the road for three years and three months.

Upon his return, Andrew stayed busy with family business and several successful real estate ventures. He has since relocated back to Bellingham and has begun another chapter at the Barbershop at Fairhaven.
Barber: Aaron Glenn
Aaron is a skilled professional that will adapt his creative techniques to your desired style. With his many interests he's ready for any conversation. He went to Paroba Barber College, in Everrett, Wa. Where he learned the basics of Barbering & sanitation, then on his own he learned how to do skin fades and many other cuts keeping him not only updated but accomplished in Men's Styles. Joining The Barbershop At Fairhaven in July, he has been discovering the many outdoor activities and flavorful restaurants Bellingham has to offer. He enjoys his 4-legged house mate...whose adorable yet mischievous, with endless energy for chasing tennis balls & stealing socks.
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